December 16, 2022

Christmas Poem: "The Tree of Perfect Choosing"


by Christa Selah 


How frantically we search

In wake of the season

for a tree to adorn

with regal splendor

One full branched and stately

with no choppy spaces

with the fragrance of a forest

of fresh wood pine


We scamper up and down the

lots and nurseries

attune to the want

of our eye’s lust

No less in grace and grandeor

than an emerald

our choice must be outstanding

Fit, yes. for a kingly coronation

all the handsome treasures of

A crowning


The aspirant must merit fancy trimming

the ornaments and all the gifts arriving

It’s top must be deserving of an angel

or a star flashing the light of Christmas promise

unlike this lovely decked out tree before us

too soon to be all dry, plundered, and wilted

Yet thank heaven the tree of life’s within reach

whose awesome beauty will not ever perish

The tree of life is God, the Son, Christ Jesus

the perfect one designed for our heart’s


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